4k Content on Youtube

I have always been an audio guy. I could have cared less about a big tv or projector or whatever. I might even have mentioned this in previous posts. I think when I got married a little switch was flipped cause now I want it all. Further more I want the lasted and greatest. I love 4k quality. It is becoming more prevalant and popular. More content is coming around for it as well. Including on the web. Places like Youtube are starting to have 4k content. It really would not suprise me if that became the first big place for 4k. I have included a video above shot in 4k, pretty sure with RED Camera technology by Sony.


Gunny & Glock – Wrong Girl – Extended Version

My girl is a Glock girl.

This portal is a little over dramatized but sells the point. Sometimes, NOT always, if the situation escalates to a firearm being drawn, that can defuse a situation. I think though that what I said it not to be confused to mean that you should draw a firearm to defuse a situation. That is not what they are for. In my mind I draw a firearm to fire it. Not scare someone.

Everyone says that racking the slide of a shotgun runs a chill down the spine of a ass-hole criminal. In the real case that it doesn’t, you just wasted a round. You now have a shotgun shell, that could have been used to save you wife’s life, on the ground.


Ron Burgundy for the Dodge Durango

Many car commercials are stale. The folks at Dodge were clearly looking for a bit of diversity when they came up with their latest ads. And, as we all know, diversity is a term for an old, old wooden ship used during the Civil War era. So they turned to Ron Burgundy. Will Ferrell plays his Anchorman character in the ads for the new Dodge Durango and brilliantly highlights the features of the glove box, how much better the car is than a horse and has a few issues with the stage curtain in the process. They’re great ads, compelling and rich.

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