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Cold Harbor Warfighter Package – Exploded View
BCM 12.5” Carbine with B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock, BCM Vertical Grip, BCMGunfighter Grip Mod 3, EOTech EXPS 3-0 and Laser Devices DBAL A2.

Velocity Systems Low Vis Assault Carrier
Velocity Systems Praetorian Armor
Velocity Systems Operator Molle Belt
Haley Strategic Partners D3CR with Mag Pack
ATS Tactical Gear Radio Pouch
Peltor Comtac and PTT
Leatherman MUTT
Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC Blow Out In Full Kit
ESSTAC 2x Pistol Pouch
CRKT Hissatsu Folder
Platatac Headover
Oakley Radar Glasses
Blue Force Gear, Inc. SOC-C Sling
Lone Wolf Distributors Timberwolf Glock 34
Garmin 60CSX GPS

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Gunny & Glock – Wrong Girl – Extended Version

My girl is a Glock girl.

This portal is a little over dramatized but sells the point. Sometimes, NOT always, if the situation escalates to a firearm being drawn, that can defuse a situation. I think though that what I said it not to be confused to mean that you should draw a firearm to defuse a situation. That is not what they are for. In my mind I draw a firearm to fire it. Not scare someone.

Everyone says that racking the slide of a shotgun runs a chill down the spine of a ass-hole criminal. In the real case that it doesn’t, you just wasted a round. You now have a shotgun shell, that could have been used to save you wife’s life, on the ground.


Fire and Ammo Knowlodge

This was a video created by a group of ammo companies about what happens to ammo in a fire or an extreme condition. First of all, as useful as this was I still hate for the large waste of good ammo. Next-ly though this demonstrates ammo exposed to a extreme shock using a blasting cap. After that they show ammo being run over by a heavy bulldozer. Some ammo to fire off but with no serious ballistic properties. Then finally they set large amount of ammo a blaze. Yes ammo ignites, but not with serious ballistic force or any kind of ballistic trajectory that could inflict harm to a human. Are there apparent risks yes, but I believe after watching this, those risks are very low.


How to clean an AR-15

Everybody and their mother bought an AR-15 in the last two years. Many of them are first-timers, who might not have a lot of experience cleaning their new rifles, or which parts are the most crucial to clean. This video by scootch00 does a great job in breaking down the process.


“Must haves” for new AR-15 shooters

from http://bearingarms.com/



We’re going to be looking at this basic rifle, used in it’s most common role as a target range plinker from 0-300 yards, serving a secondary role as a self-defense weapon.

The very first thing you must know, without exception, is whether your rifle is chambered in .223 Remington or 5.56 NATO, or one of several hybrids chambers.

Despite the claims of keyboard commandos to the contrary, these chambers are not identical, and the 5.56 NATO round generates much higher chamber pressures. This can be dangerous, so do not fire 5.56 NATO rounds in a rifle chambered for .223 Remington. Read your owner’s manual, and if you do not have one, get one from the manufacturer. Fire only what they have designed the rifle to fire.

Now, on to the “must haves.”

The first and most obvious addition we need to make to the rifle above is the addition of a rear sight or optic. There are three basic choices to make.

  • non-magnifying optics
  • magnifying scopes
  • iron sights

While being in the middle of building an AR-15 I am frequently researching various things from gas systems to optics. This Article from bearingarms.com sheds some like on a few basic things to consider. Your mileage may vary but give it a go. For the full article find the link at the top of this post.