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It has been a little 1 year since my last post and I need to get things rolling again. I  don’t particularly have that much to say. What I do though is pretty good.


More to come!


Today’s Drug Deal

As you know if you follow my blog here I work in a industry and for a company that requires me to wear,  amongst other things, a Class B uniform, duty belt, and gun. Similar to police departments around the country. Well today after work I really really needed gas. I would not have made it home without it. So I stopped in at a gas station on my route home. Well I do the standard work flow of swipe card, open fuel hole, select grade and then inserted the nozzle in to my SUV. While I am doing this a male in his late 20’s exits the gas station itself. After I get my fuel pumping I decide to wipe down the windows, so I do. I get about half way through the drivers side and in my peripheral vision I notice the male walking within 10 yards of me and my SUV.

At this point I am stepping up my game and going up the next level in my head. I am turning now to face him, about to say something sharp and hard, but then he stops turned 90 degrees and goes toward the dumpster area. “Well whatever” I think, and I start going through my head, “what was that?” It was obvious he was checking me and my vehicle out it.

While I am thinking and looking, I am also moving to the back of my SUV to wash the rear window. All while watching my new friend who now was heading west up a street. So at this point I really am thinking, “whatever.” Then though I see another male, a little old and walking with obvious purpose towards the dumpster. The dumpster of the gas station has 3 walls around it and a gate which is open. He walks out of my line of site into the dumpster area, I can not see him for 20 seconds and then emerges. He is moving with purpose again, pocket something(again very obviously).

Now it all clicks. Male #1, dirt bag drug dealer and male #2 useless user. Drug dealer sizes me up, am I a cop, nope. He lays out his poison somewhere in that dumpster area, presumably after they have stuck the deal and the money has been exchanged. Male #2 waits for drug dealer to take off so they are not seen together and then after counting to made 5, he retrieves his buy.

Well that is today’s drug deal. I spent 10 minutes typing it, you spent 3 minutes reading it and those to idiots took 30 seconds doing it all.




I would like to travel

I recently went on a road trip by myself. My wife was with her sister on their own trip. By myself sounds weird to you, well I work well with others and by myself. Sometimes a little alone time recharges my batteries, so it actually was nice. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed traveling. I really never enjoyed traveling quite as much before. I have been on plenty of trips as a kid with my parents. I have actually been all over this country and a little bit international. This time particularly though was so much fun. I look forward now to doing it more, and with my wife as well!

There are so many places off the top of my head I would love you to go and photograph. Because ultimately I traveled this time to take tons of pictures.

I have other states I need to capture all 50, but those are not quite as exciting as the ones listed above.

Scotland(A Tour of Various Cities)
Ireland(A Tour of Various Cities)
London, England
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium

I would love to relive the route that was planned to be taken by the H.M.S Titanic.

Now I could keep going but I think you get the picture here. I am very interested in starting to visit eastern Europe. Past that though I do not know. There are a few beautiful place in Asia but I could not name them by name without a little research. I suppose this could be part a bucket list series of posts. Might be a good idea for me to write about. I like to think I have a pretty cool list.

Here is a link to my Pinterest Board “Places”
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Apartment Looking and Finding…Ugh

Looking for, and, then finding the right apartment is hard! I do not like all these adult responsibilities. Can I not have my cake and eat it too? I guess not. In Indy in the city limits the pool of housing is stagnate or crummy. For the most parts, there are pockets here and there. Those pockets though require an extra $200 a month. I go to work downtown everyday for work, my wife goes to grad school almost dead center in the city limits, near Butler, and our friends are mostly in that area as well.

We are looking for a 2 bedroom 1.5+ bath for maybe $875 or less. For the right apartment in the right location we would maybe spend more. I do not want to be on the east side of town below 70th street, I do not want to be on the west side below 38th street and I really do not want to be further out than Carmel. Am I being picky yes. Is it unreasonable, I do not think. In a city with rising violent crime, protervity and just over all a population that would rather step on your face than look you in the eye I am not interested in living in or near the getto. We are to close as it is. Ahh…well the search continues.

We have found:

Mohawk Hills

Providence On Old Meridian


Summerwood On Towne Line


If someone from Indianapolis stumbles across this post and know of something better please feel free to leave it in the comments below. Thanks.


The 2013 to 2014 Transition

2013 was a big year. 2014 I hope to be even bigger. Starting with those all important ‘New Years Resolutions.’ With out them where would the human race be, right? Well this year I have a few common ones on my list but I really do hope to stick to them at all costs.

  1. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f&@king sledge hammer
  2. Blog on here and other places much more, I would like to say 30 posts a month, 10 of which to be 100% original
  3. Keep up with my new feeds much better
  4. Photograph my marriage more, with a really camera not instagram, just like moblog, one day instagram will be gone
  5. Save money
  6. Camp 8 to 12 times
  7. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f$!king sledge hammer
  8. Go to some concerts
  9. Be more active in my personal life
  10. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f*^king sledge hammer, yes I mentioned this earlier
  11. And finally work on the things I mentioned in the 2014 – A New Year’s Resolutions

Be safe, have fun it is 2014!!!



2014 – A New Year’s Resolutions

As 2013 draws towards a close I think back on what I did and did not accomplish. I could have been more productive. I have a few regrets. These are all things I really want to fix.

I need to be a better husband. I need to communicate with my wife more and make more quality time for her. We need to play games and take pictures. We need to make memories like we used to. In modern times I do not think picture albums are as frequent as they were to previous generations. With out them though how can you go back and relive things. Looking at pictures on a computer, doubtful. I feel I need her to know how much I appreciate her, cause I do not think I do a good enough job.

I need to make a better life for us. In this respect I need a better job. I need to find something with better pay and less hours. 12 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week keep me from completing my above mentioned goal. I went a week recently without really seeing my wife. All because I went to sleep at night before she finished her day. And I started mine at 3am, way before she got up. I want to be a police officer. I need to be a police officer. This year, somehow I will be a police officer.

I do not know what people call it. What doctors or dietitians call it. But I call my current body style fat. I do not like being fat. I have been picked on because I was fat. I need to be in a gym 3 days a week, NO FUCKING EXCUSES for me!! Not only that though I need to adjust my eating habits. I have two bad issues. First is portion sizes, they are too big, just to much food per meal. Secondly I eat fast food way, way way way, to much. Taking a per-made meal for lunch to work will help both those. I suppose if I really want to dump extra on there. I do not eat a balanced enough diet. I need a little less fatty food, a little more protein and a lot less carbs. I also really need to up my H2O intake. That will wash some of the crap out I have eaten over the years. At least 2L a day.

My last big resolutions is money. To save much much more of it. To start saving it. I plan to become debt free sooner rather than later. Also cut down expenditures. There is not a need for so much of my money to go out. My wife should not ever have to pay for anything. I do not need satellite radio in the truck. And I am sure there are other services that will get the ax as well. We need to set down and make a budget.

This is going to be a big year and I am looking forward to it.



Party Lines…

I find myself frequently being the minority some what on the beliefs, morals, ethics and politics arena. In the past this hasn’t been an issue for me. Because I was in the south and I guess things are just different. Here in the Midwest, especially being so close to Chicago things are different. The current president is from there and that had fanned oriole flames around here that much more.

Also I am around more higher educated people. Some of which appear to have had either some kind of psychological trauma in there life or lived a very sheltered life. I lived a sheltered life in a way. But also in a way I didn’t. But at eighteen I started working and was by no means abandoned by parents or family. I think in a way I was given the rains to my life and future. I think it probably helped me grow up. I grew up and have maintained a middle-class life.

I must say I love the friends that I have and wouldn’t trade them for anything. But I don’t really agree with them. I think that they think the country is headed towards a brighter future. But in I firmly disagree.

Concerned mother’s groups and debt has flourished under this presidents rein.

I don’t like it. But my concerns aren’t a concern. I was with a group of friends the other night and someone I really thought was a good friend totally disrespected me, but making a comment that my political standings were “obvious.” That they were wrong and stupid, and “why anyone thinks like you is crazy.” This really surprised me and really oddly offended me. I have had money hungry friends, passives and all others. Never though in all my years from a friend have I been told these things.

The more I think about it though I think a lot of people think this about me. I have noticed that I can’t have a political discussion with these people up here. I never really talk over anyone or say “that’s wrong” or “stupid” but these democrats do. I can’t figure out why either. I like to think it’s because they deep down know that they are wrong. That their president promising change hasn’t delivered and if anything has done the opposite.

I don’t know. This post I am sorry to say reader is nothing more than a rant. I just want to blow off steam and vent. I am sorry if you were looking for more. But my train of thought has derailed and I am calling it. See you next time.

P.S. What’s my party line you ask? I declare undecided, vote primarily republican, like the theoretical ethics of a democrat, the spending habits of a tea-partian.


I love the resolve of Abraham Lincoln, the bravery and leadership of George Washington, the strength of  Ronald Reagan and the innovativeness of John F. Kennedy.