The Kindle Touch…

kindle-touchFor years now I’ve been a pretty loyal Amazon customer, for good reason. Amazon.com is a very useful web-store. They have very reasonable prices, a lot of times better than in store prices. The Prime service Amazon has is great, and for me just keeps getting better. Basically it’s like a VIP card for Amazon. You will get $3.99 next day shipping and free 2-day shipping on any products in an Amazon warehouse and now some outside stores are Prime certified and offer the same. And there’s more to Amazon as well.

Also for years now I have been coveting myself a e-reader. Sony started for me, but truthfully I’ve always hated Sony so I didn’t get one. Then a few years ago Amazon started offering there own design e-reader. The Kindle. By now there’s been many Kindle’s. And among models different versions and trim levels. This has been a long road for me. See it started out that they were out of my budget range. But then around Kindle 3 they brought it down to the sub 150 range I believe. And inherently that’s not a lot of money. But I’ve always worried and felt in my gut that I would get it and not use it. And I don’t want that to happen for a gadget that does cost that much. Well last week I boiled over. Amazon now has Kindle models sub 100 bucks. So I went to Office Depot and bought myself a Kindle Touch they had on sale for the price of the regular Kindle.

Now that I have my Kindle Touch I realize that I wish I’d done it long ago because I don’t think I can live without it anymore! I’ll go a review after I’ve had it a little longer.

Specifically what I have:
Amazon Kindle Touch Wifi w. ads





New Car…

I’m very torn on the issue of a new car. On the one hand I do really love my truck, quite a bit, but on the other hand something new will have a warranty, a inherit sense(even new cars have problems) of reliably over and above what the truck has and much better gas mileage. I would really miss this truck, I’ve had lots and lots of good memories in it. But on the other hand it’s not far off, I think, from something major. The gas mileage is a big consideration. What I think thought is holding me up is, if I can’t get another Chevy Colorado, that the size of things I can get. I’d like to have room for anything I might need to carry. Not being able to carry a ladder no big deal, but I at least need to carry a tool box/es from time to time or a golf bag. So I don’t know and I don’t want a bare bones model, although I guess that’s sort of what I have now, but at least I do have power right now. Losing 100 hp is a lot, roughly I think it’ll be more like 70. I don’t know.


They are all roughly the same price and same engine. The Chevy Cruze and Buick Verano are smaller of the 4. The Cruze has the smallest engine but best gas mileage. The Honda Accord and Subaru Legacy(most $) are the bigger cars and the Jeep Compass is biggest, being that it’s a small SUV(has the worse gas mileage).