Screwed Up Your WordPress URL Settings?

Have you ever changed to or set your WordPress URL settings wrong? I have. Here is how your fix it. At least here is one way to fix it.

First you must have database access, CPanel calls it with Host Gator MyPHPAdmin. Click that.

Next in the next screen on the left side select the database corresponding to the WordPress site you need to fix.

Now when you should see the database table listings, what your looking for is “wp_options”


Next look for the string “SiteURL,” it was the first in my listing

Click edit.

Now edit the option_value to the appropriate value, i.e. the correct URL.

Click “go” at the bottom to save and now your site should be working. Go to it and refresh.


Downtown Indianapolis from the Central Public Library

2013-02-10_13-38-52_9612013-02-10_13-38-59_5My blog isn’t all ham radio and electronics or tech. From time to time I do something “normal.” Right I’m kind of bored siting the main branch of the Indianapolis Public library, Central Downtown Branch  It’s quite large and very nice. The front portion is the original built in forever ago. As you past toward the back though there is a 6 story addition of glass and bookshelves.

If one could get out to the roof this build would be perfect to throw a few end or ever center feed antennas off. There’s ever a grass lot in front of the building  I assume historical significance, to setup a reasonable sized Field Day op. There’s 5 good sized tree for smaller antennas. Ones I think probably under 40 meters size. A little to far apart for hammocks.


New Bluetooth Keyboard

So I’m not sure I’ve ever shared on my blog here, but I’m the proud owner of a Nexus 7 Tablet. It’s googles answer to the tablet market. They make a 4 inch phone, plus 7 and 10 inch Nexus tablets. This post isn’t really about the tablet, but I will have to make a review post about it and some of the ham radio apps I use. There are several rally good ones out the there. No, this post is more about the blue tooth keyboard I purchased today to go along with my Nexus. It’s the Microsoft Edge Bluetooth keyboard. It’s powered by 2 AAA batteries and small is size. It’s full QWERTY keyboard layout minus a number pad and the keys usually found with those. It’s probably 12 inches or a little less by 4.5 inches. The keys have a really nice feel, very similar to my ASUS laptop. The actuation is as deep but a nice feel regardless. It actually does include those previously mentioned batteries and a gripy hard cover to protect the keys in your backpack. I’ve only spent an afternoon with it but I’ll post my as my opinion builds. So far I love it!



HF Activity

With my new station I’ve been rather successful with my contacts. I, as you know, have worked a couple different contests on the past could weekends. I have also though just set things up during the week and called CQ. I worked my first DX, during a QSO with a Cubian station. Then, almost, right after got up with a Dominican station. Quite exciting stuff. Right I’ve got QSO’s logged with stations in the US, Canada, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

Yaesu FT-950
wire in a tree
20m only

No outside tuner
No tower

150+ contacts over three weekends. I’m pleased.