I hope to start updating again with more orginal content. I have been mostly sharing articles from my RSS feed that i really like. Now that I have my usable mobile blogging platform back and going I plan to get on it. I do not have plans for a specific topic, it will mostly just be awesome stuff. Of course still sharing awesome articles I come across as well.

I have several physical projects going that I would like to share as well. Between here and k4eqm.com. Some electronics stuff and some stuff that is specifically ham radio related.

Anyways I do not have a particularly profound update for you today, just this.

Happy Thanksgiving!


I resolved my WordPress Android App issue, but I am not sure if it will work for you?

Longest title ever. For a while now I have been without the ability to update my WordPress blogs from the WordPress app on my Android tablet, Nexus 7 First Gen. Some weird bug or disconnect between the blog, Android OS and app somewhere. I really could never figure it out truthfully.

I have though, read about people having similar issues but no one really had a good fix for this issue. The terrible WordPress Support forum admins are such effing Nazi’s that I could never get any useful help from there. So a few friends and I have been SOL for months. Today I thought since I recently upgraded to Android KitKat and completely reset the Nexus I might give it another shot.

It worked and here is what I did!

I am not sure this first part may be optional but:

  1. I updated to KitKat
  2. Reset tablet to Factory, wiped everything
  3. I first ran the battery of test spelled out in this WordPress FAQ
    • http://android.wordpress.org/faq/
    • My blog came back with no problems or errors
  4. I logged into my blog admin through the computer and changed the template to the default 2013 one, did nothing.
  5. I changed my password and then I could log in through the app.
  6. To test I did a fake test post and it worked.
  7. I then changed from the default theme to another one, but not the one I use and did another post and it worked.
  8. Now I went back to my actual theme that I use and it worked. I could do new posts from the app, update them, and delete them with not problem

I don’t know if it was a combination of everything or what but I can now use the Android WordPress app on my Tablet. Step #3 is purely passive against the blog so it didn’t do anything. But I suspect maybe a combination of KitKat and the new password, but I really don’t know for sure.



Top Ten Alternate Uses for Lip Balm via Riverwalker’s Blog

Orginally posted on http://stealthsurvival.blogspot.com/2013/11/riverwalkers-top-ten-alternate-uses-for.html

Lip Balm
There are numerous items that we frequently use in our everyday lives that frequently have multiple uses. Many of these uses aren’t readily apparent but can be a big help in a crisis or an emergency when your resources may be limited. One extremely handy everyday item that most people carry is lip balm . That small little tube can do a lot more than keep your lips moisturized.
Most lip balms are a petroleum-based product that also includes additional beneficial ingredients. It’s also a small enough item to be carried in your pocket, your purse or your first aid kit. Here are a few alternate uses for lip balm.
Top Ten Alternate Uses for Lip Balm
1. Treat minor cuts and scrapes on the skin with a thin coating of lip balm.
2. Use as a lubricant for stubborn zippers on your gear or equipment bags.
3. Rub on a cotton ball or gauze pad to make an expedient firestarter.
4. Insert a make-shift wick to make an expedient candle for emergencies.
5. Rub on other exposed areas like the ears to protect them from the cold.
6. Coat your shoe or boot laces to keep them secure and prevent untying.
7. Use to coat irritated skin areas on your feet before a blister can form.
8. Use to waterproof and seal damaged or exposed seams on tents.
9. Coat your knife blade to protect it from excess moisture in wet conditions.
10. Use a chunk of lip balm to seal a rifle barrel to keep out debris or moisture.

DIY Webradio – RadioduinoWRT

Raffael Herrmann from en.code-bude.net stuffed the guts of his RadioduinoWRT project into an old piece of stereo equipment. Inside the box he has about $100 worth of electronics including a WRT router, an Arduino Mega and an ethernet module. The result is a great looking component that can stream internet radio without having to keep a computer running to play it.

“Once the basic idea to build a web radio myself was fixed, I thought about the components to be installed. So initially I also included a Raspberry Pi to discussion. Finally, I have decided on a combination of the TP-Link WR703N router (about which I have already reported several times in my blog) and an Arduino Mega.

This decision had several reasons – first, I had both the router and the Arduino still in my parts box and on the other I wanted to implement the projectas cheap as possible and on minimal hardware. Certainly a realization with a Raspberry Pi would have been possible, but this would have been more expensive than the TL-WR703N and the Arduino Mega together. Furthermore the hardware of the Raspberry is almost “oversized” for the project requirements.”


The full article from hackedgadgets.com can  be found at this link: http://hackedgadgets.com/2013/11/06/diy-webradio-radioduinowrt/