The 2013 to 2014 Transition

2013 was a big year. 2014 I hope to be even bigger. Starting with those all important ‘New Years Resolutions.’ With out them where would the human race be, right? Well this year I have a few common ones on my list but I really do hope to stick to them at all costs.

  1. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f&@king sledge hammer
  2. Blog on here and other places much more, I would like to say 30 posts a month, 10 of which to be 100% original
  3. Keep up with my new feeds much better
  4. Photograph my marriage more, with a really camera not instagram, just like moblog, one day instagram will be gone
  5. Save money
  6. Camp 8 to 12 times
  7. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f$!king sledge hammer
  8. Go to some concerts
  9. Be more active in my personal life
  10. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f*^king sledge hammer, yes I mentioned this earlier
  11. And finally work on the things I mentioned in the 2014 – A New Year’s Resolutions

Be safe, have fun it is 2014!!!