About Me

So…my name is Matt, I live in Indianapolis, IN and I have been a ham radio or amateur radio operator for 2 years now. My call-sign is and right now I am at the General level. In ham radio there’s 3 Tech, General and Extra Class. I am right now studying for my Extra Class licensure, but no hurry. I am into operating on the 2 meter band and 70cm around town and my handheld radio has the capability of operating on the 6 meters. I also love to fire up my HF rig and work the lower bands. I really enjoy weekend contests and emergency comms.

Outside of Ham Radio I’m an electronics geek and audiophile. I love sound! Music, movies just anything. Through school and ham radio I have also developed a love for tinkering with electronics. From time to time here I’ll be posting about projects I do. I just bought my first Arduino board, specifically the Arduino Uno. That’s a whole new world for me and I am looking forward to experimenting.  I have also gotten myself back into a gym and cycling. Which you will hear plenty about.

Professionally I am going to school for a Computer Engineering degree. In hopes to use this degree eventually in a law enforcement capacity. My passion in computers is hardware and forensics. I really have enjoyed the forensics training I have received. Recently I have moved from the south eastern US to the midwest. Indianapolis, IN to be specific. So I am in the process of setting life back up here. Otherwise I would about my job.

Right now I am just setting my blog so I’ll probably put more up later…