Fan Dipole Project February 2013 – Update 2


It’s Wednesday now. I made my plan for the fan dipole yesterday and today I have cut all the bands 10 through 40, expect 40 meters. I’ve got to get some help with that one from the wife cause it’s so long. Plus got to do that outside, not enough space in the apartment. You ask why I cut all the bands? Well, now I’ve decide on two fan dipoles. The first one this weekend with be 6, 10, 20 and 40 meters. Minus 6 meters I’ll use this one the most including in upcoming State QSO Parties, specifically NC QSO Party. I really want a card from NI4BK.

Plus I’ll go ahead and cut my 70.5 delta loop section as well.


Fan Dipole Project February 2013

Coming Soon…this weekend…

This is mostly an example of what I’d like to build. The bands I really shooting for are 6 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, and 40 meters. While I would love to have everything in between 6 and 40, that would be such and unwieldy mess of wire I’m picking 4 bands. I can probably build another one that will be 6 meters through 20 meters. Maybe a delta loop for 20 meters as well this weekend.

Fan Dipole


HF Activity

With my new station I’ve been rather successful with my contacts. I, as you know, have worked a couple different contests on the past could weekends. I have also though just set things up during the week and called CQ. I worked my first DX, during a QSO with a Cubian station. Then, almost, right after got up with a Dominican station. Quite exciting stuff. Right I’ve got QSO’s logged with stations in the US, Canada, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic.

Yaesu FT-950
wire in a tree
20m only

No outside tuner
No tower

150+ contacts over three weekends. I’m pleased.


Radioactive Once Again, Contest Time

I’m radioactive or soon will be this weekend with 2 contests. ARRL VHF and North American QSO Party. As you saw in my previous post my QTH has changed. I am now an Indianapolis, Indiana resident. I’ve got my power supply plugged in and my FT-950 hooked up to it. Which the timing is prefect cause I’m planning my first ever, on my own, ham radio contests this weekend. ARRL VHF January contest and the North American QSO party.

ARRL VHF Contest

This is a contest hosted by the ARRL and runs through the entire weekend. Begins 1900 UTC Saturday, ends 0359 UTC Monday (January 19-21, 2013). Basically in easy to read script it runs, 2pm Saturday January the 19th 2013 through 10:59pm January 21st 2013. I hope, UTC is confusing to me. I’m pretty sure being in Eastern Time Zone I subtract 12 + (-5) from UTC to get local time. If not and you read this, sorry!

Anyways that’s my first contest. Contest number two is the…


North American QSO Party


Technically NAQP is a 3 weekend event spread throughout the year. But luckily for me, some who doesn’t do CW or digital, the SSB or Single Side Band portion is this particular weekend. This contest runs from 1800 UTC January 19 to 0559 through UTC January 20, 2013 (third full weekend in January). Meaning 1pm January 19th, 2013 through 12:59am January 20th, 2013. Once again word to the wise, do your own UTC calcs.