Downtown Indianapolis from the Central Public Library

2013-02-10_13-38-52_9612013-02-10_13-38-59_5My blog isn’t all ham radio and electronics or tech. From time to time I do something “normal.” Right I’m kind of bored siting the main branch of the Indianapolis Public library, Central Downtown Branch  It’s quite large and very nice. The front portion is the original built in forever ago. As you past toward the back though there is a 6 story addition of glass and bookshelves.

If one could get out to the roof this build would be perfect to throw a few end or ever center feed antennas off. There’s ever a grass lot in front of the building  I assume historical significance, to setup a reasonable sized Field Day op. There’s 5 good sized tree for smaller antennas. Ones I think probably under 40 meters size. A little to far apart for hammocks.


2012 ARRL Field Day – (6/23/12 – 6/24/12)

Field Day is this weekend. If your a ham radio operator you probably have at least a little idea of what this means. But if your not do know this, Field Day is an event your everyone. It’s technically an event for hams to practice emergency communications but really Field Day is only half about that and half displaying our trade to the public. There’s a station called GOTA, Get on the Air. That’s all about getting newly licensed, unlicensed and formally licensed on the air. There’s normally a radio coach to help and instruct on the process.

If your in or near Near Hanover County, North Carolina come out to Ogden Park near the shelters. If you can find the shelters you can find us. We’ll be starting up at 2:30pm Saturday and going going solid through 2:30 pm Sunday.