52 Week Money Challenge


Want to save for a trip or a future special gadget, then try the 52 week money challenge. Pretty straight forward. Week one you put $1.00 in the pot, then week two you put $2.00 in the pot. Giving you a total of three dollars and so on and so on. I am doing to do it, just to have a little spending money at the end of the period or something to throw in a savings/CD or whatever.

In my head you get a couple things out of this exercise. First of all at the end of it you will have $1,378.00 and also I can see where this will give you a little dunk in saving money. It is not an instant gratification kind of thing. I myself am always trying to save a little more.

I will periodically give an update of my progress and hopefully a reminder to keep myself and everyone going.