Open Carry Screwed Up Again and is Stupid

For me a gun is a tool. It’s a tool of destruction if you mean harm towards me or someone else and it’s a tool of pleasure when going to the range, training and sending lead down the line. Nothing more. Having a gun on my person is never a political statement. That’s bullshit if it yours. To get the the point these “bullshit people” have screwed something up again. It took sometime but open carry-ers using their guns for shock value and political expression have made Starbucks take notice and say, this isn’t working out guys. I’m not entirely sure Starbucks is progun or pro 2A, but they were at least very tolerant. This day and age that’s saying a lot. Especially since so many of there patrons are not. Until now guns weren’t an issue down at the coffee joint, but now open carry-ers have caused Starbucks so much negative press, so many boycotts and most of these guys are douche bags anyways. Now they are saying well guns, eh, not so much. Not in our stores openly. Thank God. I conceal almost 24/7 and I don’t even want to see some person OC-ing.

Here’s a link to the press release: http://www.starbucks.com/blog/an-open-letter-from-howard-schultz/1268

I like what James Yeager from Tactical Reponse had to say, below:


Ham Radio & EDC…Part 1

Ham Radio is now my biggest hobby, definitely spend the most money on it, but it’s not my only one.  Let me preface a little. I am a person the has a particular mindset; it lightly paranoid, very prepared, willing and strong mindset. While yes, that all does sound like I’m really tooting my own horn and maybe I’ve got a “hero” complex or something, it’s all true. I have no complex. I guess it’s hard to be 100% definitive until those things are really tested but I’m can say that I am 100% willing. With all that said, I a person who believes in being prepared, but not in a weird way like “dooms-day-preppers” or anything.

EDC = Everyday Carry, all the stuff you have set aside to carry on a very consistent basis. I believe in being prepared like I said and I do have a very consistent and defined EDC. I actually would say I have 3 versions that sometimes I must alternate through. Just because of school obviously being gun free and I can’t carry into work either. So here’s how it breaks down:

  1. Full EDC – Lethal and Non-Lethal + food, backpack and pocket carry
  2. Work EDC – Non-Lethal + food, backpack and pocket carry; **Lethal in truck** 
  3. School EDC – Partial/Non-Lethal + food, backpack and pocket carry

That probably seems like a lot and it might sound to be difficult to control and deploy, but it’s not. Over time my kit/s have evolved. I’ve added and weeded out plenty, gone through several bags and improved quality of the tools I carry.  Quality improvement meaning that I started with, lets say a, Maglite LED flashlight, but a while back I upgraded my primary torch to a higher-end 4Sevens Maelstrom X7; which is a beast of a light. Things like that, I didn’t through out $1000 dollars at once to put together my EDC, over time I’ve built a nice kit.

I’ve also segregated gear easy to access micro kits inside the pack. Zippered bags, clam-shell kits and organizers. This way transferring stuff from bag to bag is easy and quick. The prime essentials; pens, weapons, navigation, hydration, knives, flashlights and things of that nature are always mounted in the bags, there’s a set in each full time.

This a multi part series…