I would like to travel

I recently went on a road trip by myself. My wife was with her sister on their own trip. By myself sounds weird to you, well I work well with others and by myself. Sometimes a little alone time recharges my batteries, so it actually was nice. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed traveling. I really never enjoyed traveling quite as much before. I have been on plenty of trips as a kid with my parents. I have actually been all over this country and a little bit international. This time particularly though was so much fun. I look forward now to doing it more, and with my wife as well!

There are so many places off the top of my head I would love you to go and photograph. Because ultimately I traveled this time to take tons of pictures.

I have other states I need to capture all 50, but those are not quite as exciting as the ones listed above.

Scotland(A Tour of Various Cities)
Ireland(A Tour of Various Cities)
London, England
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium

I would love to relive the route that was planned to be taken by the H.M.S Titanic.

Now I could keep going but I think you get the picture here. I am very interested in starting to visit eastern Europe. Past that though I do not know. There are a few beautiful place in Asia but I could not name them by name without a little research. I suppose this could be part a bucket list series of posts. Might be a good idea for me to write about. I like to think I have a pretty cool list.

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