I would like to travel

I recently went on a road trip by myself. My wife was with her sister on their own trip. By myself sounds weird to you, well I work well with others and by myself. Sometimes a little alone time recharges my batteries, so it actually was nice. I had a lot of fun and really enjoyed traveling. I really never enjoyed traveling quite as much before. I have been on plenty of trips as a kid with my parents. I have actually been all over this country and a little bit international. This time particularly though was so much fun. I look forward now to doing it more, and with my wife as well!

There are so many places off the top of my head I would love you to go and photograph. Because ultimately I traveled this time to take tons of pictures.

I have other states I need to capture all 50, but those are not quite as exciting as the ones listed above.

Scotland(A Tour of Various Cities)
Ireland(A Tour of Various Cities)
London, England
Paris, France
Brussels, Belgium

I would love to relive the route that was planned to be taken by the H.M.S Titanic.

Now I could keep going but I think you get the picture here. I am very interested in starting to visit eastern Europe. Past that though I do not know. There are a few beautiful place in Asia but I could not name them by name without a little research. I suppose this could be part a bucket list series of posts. Might be a good idea for me to write about. I like to think I have a pretty cool list.

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What’s this all about…

What’s this all about? I have a couple blogs I keep up. Including this one. But the thing is they are all specific in topic, niche or genre. But here I will talk about whatever I want. If I want to talk about work I can and then the next post can be something different. Guns, ham radio, electronics, projects, trucks, travel, travel, bitchings, or just whatever. I will also re-post almost everything from my other blogs here.

Let me give you a little incite. I’m a cluster fuck. I had no drive when I was younger and don’t have a strong foundation in something. But I’m old enough and invested in those things that I’m stuck. I have got to finish what I have started, but have no interest or probably ability to because of proximity. I would like to restart this thing and now I am driven and wish enough to get it done six times faster than before. But there are people in my life that would frown upon this practice or worse. I am stuck and I do not much like being stuck.

c’est la vie

I am a very smart individual. I do not always come across that way cause I am always around people who are not interested or knowing in things I am smart at. I am not being  jerk, I was in the 90th percent on my SAT’s back in the day. I need to read more and overall maybe be a little more diverse in things I intake.

I swear to much.

I have always, by my definition, been the fat kid. I never swam in a pool with my friends cause I was that kid that wore a t-shirt in the pool. I was the fat. Plus I did not know how to swim till like age 19 or 20. Although to my defense I do legitimately sunburn easily. I am formerly a ginger as well, but I have browned out now. Again to recap, the fat kid, but I am rectifying that. 2006 I was doing well. I had shed a lot of weight I even had some straight lines in places, but then I moved.

When that happened I worked next to a eating establishment that was very tasting. Very tasty indeed. So I ate there/their cheeseburgers, phillys and other sandwiches for a year. O fuck me. Not only that, this new job was slow. Brand new store that had just opened in an emerging area of town. I.e. no business. Sedimentary conditions does not go far enough to explain the pace. So I got fat, from 2007 to the U.S. Thanksgiving 2010 I gained 50 pounds. Damn it!

Flash forward. I peaked this past January at 215 pounds. Damn it! At least that is the most I weighted myself at. I honestly probably peaked at 220 pounds. I am, according to my drivers license, 5 foot 10 inches. Lie being the key word, I am 5 foot 8. Damn it, no NBA, to round. Right now as I sit writing this; I exercise regularly(gym 3 times a week) and have started cycling again. I also do not eat shitty(for you, it was rather tasty) food from Andy’s Cheese Steaks. Nor work at the fucking, if you build it they will not come, Sherwin Williams. Bet you thought I was not going to name names. Hah.

When did shit hit the fan for me you ask? Let’s hop up a bit. By now it is late 2012 and I have not really eaten Andy’s for like a year and a half. In a pinch I would stop in but I would get chicken something. It is late December I have just given Sherwin Williams the finger and said fuck you guys I am going home. ~Cartmen It is wedding time and thank fucking shit the tux fit. Actually it fit pretty well, but neither here nor there. My new wife and I hit the honeymoon, a cruise down south to magical places I have never been.

Now to the point where ‘shit was hitting the fan’ our last stop. Second to last stop. Honduras, and a zip-line trip was the plan. To start with I thought my fat heart was going to explode from the 200 yard, up hill, on gravel, in the fucking jungle, hike to the starting point at a 45 degree angle. Fuck me. It was bad. They had water in orange coolers up there. You know it is bad when even drinking water makes you feel worse. Water is in everything how can it make you feel worse, it did. I wasn’t scared of any of this, it was a blast. But the catch to all this fun; at each stop to change lines you come to a stop, pull up on the cable a little so the guide can unhook you and then pull yourself up on the next cable to be rehooked. We did this maybe 10 or 12 times. It’s all fast paced no chance to stop and take a breather.

The last stop. I am going to die. My pulse from the relatively little physical exertion is in the 200 range. Although it’s hard to know with my veins retracted in from my high BP and dehydration. On the last platform I’m stuck, if I pull up one more time I am going to be in a Honduran cardiac ward. I am not sure there was one. Somehow I get on the cable and kind of like a blob hang there and ride down to the last point. I am pretty sure I made blob noses. I make it down to the shop where we started and my amazing wife gets us(me) a cold big bottle of water. In my mind my EMT training jumps in. When the ole brain works. I have done a blanch test on my finger, failed I close to try dehydration. I wasn’t even sweating anymore by the time we got done. NOT good. Next I am thinking ok where can Maggie get aspirin, would anyone there be able to do a 12-lead or have an AED and can she carry me to the boat? She is pretty bad ass, so I assumed so.

So SHTF for me when I almost died(felt like it) on my honey with my new wife in a unfriendly country. I remember sitting on a bench feeling embarrassed about my condition. I would have been super embarrassed if I had really had a MCI. I felt I let Maggie down cause if something had happened, really that entire day, I do not know how protective I could have been. I let myself down.