Dewalt 12V Radar Scanner

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Dewalt DCT418 Radar Wall Scanner

Update: The 12V radar scanner is finally available, but according to the 6 reviews already up on Amazon, which all rate it poorly, there might be something wrong with the scanner’s design, construction, or performance quality.

We were disinvited from the media event where the scanner was introduced and have not received a test unit, and so we cannot validate or refute the negative early reviews we’ve read.

Dewalt has come out with a new addition to their 12V Max cordless platform – a hand-held radar scanner. Other recent test and measurement additions to Dewalt’s 12V lineup include a sub-$1000 thermal imaging camera and new smaller diameter cables for their inspection camera.

The new radar scanner, model DCT418, utilizes radar sensing technology to detect AND identify wood, ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, live electric wires, and PVC. Its power is not limitless, but it can sense and identify these materials behind drywall, plywood, concrete, marble, and ceramic tile up to 3-inches thick.

Although designed as a wall scanner, the DCT418 can probably be used on floors and ceilings as well as long as users keep in mind the 3-inch maximum sensing depth.

The scanner has a pre-scan mapping mode that reduces setup time by eliminating the need for calibration and manual setting changes.

Dewalt DCT418 Radar Wall Scanner Detecting AC Wires

It also features a tracking bar that counts the number of objects detected in a 9.8-foot section, and a confidence meter that corresponds to signal strength.

MSRP is $299 for the bare tool (DCT418), and the kit (DCT418S1) will be priced a little higher (possibly $399, maybe less).

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This post was originally published on Jan 30th, 2013, and republished on Oct 18th, 2013, with minor updates.