Fan Dipole Project February 2013 – Update 2


It’s Wednesday now. I made my plan for the fan dipole yesterday and today I have cut all the bands 10 through 40, expect 40 meters. I’ve got to get some help with that one from the wife cause it’s so long. Plus got to do that outside, not enough space in the apartment. You ask why I cut all the bands? Well, now I’ve decide on two fan dipoles. The first one this weekend with be 6, 10, 20 and 40 meters. Minus 6 meters I’ll use this one the most including in upcoming State QSO Parties, specifically NC QSO Party. I really want a card from NI4BK.

Plus I’ll go ahead and cut my 70.5 delta loop section as well.


Fan Dipole Project February 2013

Coming Soon…this weekend…

This is mostly an example of what I’d like to build. The bands I really shooting for are 6 meters, 10 meters, 20 meters, and 40 meters. While I would love to have everything in between 6 and 40, that would be such and unwieldy mess of wire I’m picking 4 bands. I can probably build another one that will be 6 meters through 20 meters. Maybe a delta loop for 20 meters as well this weekend.

Fan Dipole