Get Home Bag Series – Part #2

At this point I do not know how many parts this series will be. As I said, this will be an on going project throughout the summer to make preparations for the coming fall and winter. With an impending move, both of us will be driving over the road more. A much further drive to work for me and a longer drive for my wife to school. So now with that news I really do give serious thought about useful and quality items. Odds are the two bags will never be needed in an emergency situation, I hope, but I would rather be prepared.

This only a small update. This knife I see as a light to medium duty knife. It is the Mora of Sweden Companion knife, in military green. It is a 4 inch stainless steel blade with a full chunky rubber grip. Comes with a nice plastic color matched sheath, not a super important feature, but from what I understand, as does the knife, the sheath holds up very well over time and is quite useful. I am fortunate that I actually have a few friends that own these knives and have only heard good things about them. Added plus, quilatity as you know, but also a very good price. $13.00 USD on Amazon.com right now.

Like I said light to medium duty cutting with this knife. Firecraft, food prep, defensive blade and other things along that nature. Being that the blade is stainless steel, it is still steel and will work well with a Light My Fire, magnesium fire steel. Which is making its way into the bag. I will talk more about that later in a tool grab style post. If anyone might have any suggestions on a larger chopping knife please feel free to leave them in the comment box.


Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade Knife with Sandvik Stainless Steel 4.1-Inch Blade


Get Home Bag Series – Part #1

I have a lot of passions, interests and hobbies. After this terrible winter I have given great thought to building two ‘Get Home Bags’ or BOB’s(Bug-Out-Bag) for my wife and myself to live in the cars. Two-thirds of the bag will be appropriated for surviving in the winter months and the other third for the other three seasons. Or maybe realistically 60/40. The inspiration for this project is partly due the this past winter of 2013/2014 and partly due to the terrifying video linked to below. Right now as of this writing I am in the preliminary stages of evaluating the needs, capabilities and products to put in the two bags I have. I am not setting a budget per-say, but I am not spending tons and the major components will probably be high-end military surplus. I am however looking to have these two bags finished and in place by the start of the winter 2014/2015.

Where am I with it you ask? The beginning, I have the bags and ideas.

The Bag:

USMC ILBE Pack in Woodland Digital

Specifications and Features:

Constructed of 720 Denier Cordura 4500 cubic inches of space Top buckle-removable Lid with internal pocket
Adjustable, heavily padded waist belt Collapsible hydration pack pocket on back Tall pockets run height of pack on either side
Internal aluminum frame Height-adjustable shoulder straps with sternum strap Many compression straps on sides and top
Dual-pull zippers on both sides run top to bottom Straps on lower part of pack to attach sleeping pad roll Collapsible “floor shelf”/divider in midpack
Heavily padded quick release shoulder straps Heavy rubber-wrapped webbing handles on either side

I will go into further detail in the next post. In the post I will cover not only the bag, but the first couple posts. Also go into a little more in-depth into my plan.


An Amazing Gear Loadout – Black Powder Red Earth Tumblr



Cold Harbor Warfighter Package – Exploded View
BCM 12.5” Carbine with B5 Systems SOPMOD Stock, BCM Vertical Grip, BCMGunfighter Grip Mod 3, EOTech EXPS 3-0 and Laser Devices DBAL A2.

Velocity Systems Low Vis Assault Carrier
Velocity Systems Praetorian Armor
Velocity Systems Operator Molle Belt
Haley Strategic Partners D3CR with Mag Pack
ATS Tactical Gear Radio Pouch
Peltor Comtac and PTT
Leatherman MUTT
Mayflower Research & Consulting LLC Blow Out In Full Kit
ESSTAC 2x Pistol Pouch
CRKT Hissatsu Folder
Platatac Headover
Oakley Radar Glasses
Blue Force Gear, Inc. SOC-C Sling
Lone Wolf Distributors Timberwolf Glock 34
Garmin 60CSX GPS

Orginal Post:

Purchase Your Body Armor from Reputable Sources

Purchasing bad, fake and expired body armor can get you killed. With a big ole capital K. Body armor depending on what you do, why you need or want and the industry you work in can be a necessity. Unfortunately an expensive one, but it is worth while to purchase from a reputable dealer. You trust your life to it. Remember you get what you pay for and ever if it is expensive research the vender first.

Let this recent story about fake body armor being sold in Florida serve as a lesson to you. Three Florida men were arrested for manufacturing fake body armor with Point Blank branding. The fake armor provided no ballistic protection whatsoever and was being peddled at gun shows.




Collecting or Training The Choice Is Yours



Over the last few years we’ve watched social media start driving a train that few can keep up with.  A train that many don’t understand that they should jump off.  A decade ago the procurement of new gear came mostly from seeing magazines, going to gun shows and seeing what others were using in classes.  Today’s abundance of networking, up to the minute media releases, Youtube and a multitude of cable tv shows has led way to a phenomenon not understood by those outside of the professional ranks of the industry.

“Keeping up with the Joneses” doesn’t even begin to explain what is happening when it comes to equipping yourself for the fight they may never come but will surprise the hell out of you when it does.

In the 1980′s Converse Shoe Company made a pair of white leather tennis shoes that were made on par with a pair of Danner Hunting Boots. A pair of tennis shoes that didn’t break down after 6 months or even a year.  Converse sales plummeted in the coming year. Nobody needed another pair so they spent their money elsewhere.  Converse took that shoe out of production and sales recovered the following years.  They had made a durable good and suffered the consequence. Customers that were pleased but had no reason to return for more.

I relate this story for one reason… Guns and the equipment associated with them are durable goods and for gun companies to maintain sales they have to add new additions, make small changes, new accessories, etc. From there the marketers get to sell you on why you have to have this new version. When it comes to the tactical world it normally has something to do with you being a better bad ass, surviving a fight because of this new wiz-bang or just plain making it look cool. At what cost?

Gun companies and those companies that make gear that bolts onto guns or the custom shops that rework your $500 Glock into a $2000 work of art are counting on your naivety. They are counting on your desire to keep up with the cool guys and flashy photos that you will open your wallet and give them your hard earned dollars for the current trendy piece of kit.

Unless you have deep pockets and can do all of this you want and still train all you are doing is spinning your wheels and filling up gun safes so that one day your spouse can sell them all off for 1/5 of what you paid so she can bury your ass in a nice casket.  If you don’t have deep pockets and unlimited disposable income then why the hell are you not training?  No amount of time watching videos, hanging out at gun stores  or reading blogs like this one will make you better prepared for the fight of your life.

What will prepare you for the fight is putting rounds down range in structured training through the guns you already have.

Here’s a prime example to state my point… The Springfield XD Series of pistols are great on the square range and have been the industry’s “Gun of the Year” for more years than I can count.  But, come to class with one and you will soon find out that it has a lot of limitations when you start trying to fight with the XD, especially when trying to run the gun one handed.  You know why? Because if the grip safety isn’t completely depressed the slide will not go to the rear. Something that owners of this particular pistol don’t find out until they are trying to clear a malfunction one handed when a Modern Warfare Medical Pack isn’t behind that door so your other hand can come back to life.

But, OMG there are tens of thousands of those pistols in private hands because of shiny ads and a price point a little better than a Glock. Just like every other major purchase you make you have to weigh your options carefully. When you buy a car you ask about safety, mileage, comfort, and much more.  You have a home inspector check the foundation of a home before you buy it and you get second opinions before having surgery. So why the hell does everyone take an advertiser’s word for what will work and a salesman behind the counter to tell you what works every time?

I’m calling out the gun dealers here as well. If you go to a gun shop and the guys behind the counter don’t have an answer outside of the NRA when you ask them if they have ever been to a shooting school then you should turn your butt around and walk out.  Or at least know what you need exactly before going in to the store and don’t allow them to provide input. Gun store clerks to this day believe that a new owner who wants something for personal defense should be sold a J-frame revolver. The absolute hardest handgun to shoot and learn.

So stop trying to keep up with the trends and start going to classes.  Start buying ammo and shoot it, don’t hoard it. How much can you really carry during an end of the world scenario!

Till next time Train Hard and Train Smart.

Rob Tackett