Apartment Looking and Finding…Ugh

Looking for, and, then finding the right apartment is hard! I do not like all these adult responsibilities. Can I not have my cake and eat it too? I guess not. In Indy in the city limits the pool of housing is stagnate or crummy. For the most parts, there are pockets here and there. Those pockets though require an extra $200 a month. I go to work downtown everyday for work, my wife goes to grad school almost dead center in the city limits, near Butler, and our friends are mostly in that area as well.

We are looking for a 2 bedroom 1.5+ bath for maybe $875 or less. For the right apartment in the right location we would maybe spend more. I do not want to be on the east side of town below 70th street, I do not want to be on the west side below 38th street and I really do not want to be further out than Carmel. Am I being picky yes. Is it unreasonable, I do not think. In a city with rising violent crime, protervity and just over all a population that would rather step on your face than look you in the eye I am not interested in living in or near the getto. We are to close as it is. Ahh…well the search continues.

We have found:

Mohawk Hills

Providence On Old Meridian


Summerwood On Towne Line


If someone from Indianapolis stumbles across this post and know of something better please feel free to leave it in the comments below. Thanks.


2014 – A New Year’s Resolutions

As 2013 draws towards a close I think back on what I did and did not accomplish. I could have been more productive. I have a few regrets. These are all things I really want to fix.

I need to be a better husband. I need to communicate with my wife more and make more quality time for her. We need to play games and take pictures. We need to make memories like we used to. In modern times I do not think picture albums are as frequent as they were to previous generations. With out them though how can you go back and relive things. Looking at pictures on a computer, doubtful. I feel I need her to know how much I appreciate her, cause I do not think I do a good enough job.

I need to make a better life for us. In this respect I need a better job. I need to find something with better pay and less hours. 12 hours a day 5 or 6 days a week keep me from completing my above mentioned goal. I went a week recently without really seeing my wife. All because I went to sleep at night before she finished her day. And I started mine at 3am, way before she got up. I want to be a police officer. I need to be a police officer. This year, somehow I will be a police officer.

I do not know what people call it. What doctors or dietitians call it. But I call my current body style fat. I do not like being fat. I have been picked on because I was fat. I need to be in a gym 3 days a week, NO FUCKING EXCUSES for me!! Not only that though I need to adjust my eating habits. I have two bad issues. First is portion sizes, they are too big, just to much food per meal. Secondly I eat fast food way, way way way, to much. Taking a per-made meal for lunch to work will help both those. I suppose if I really want to dump extra on there. I do not eat a balanced enough diet. I need a little less fatty food, a little more protein and a lot less carbs. I also really need to up my H2O intake. That will wash some of the crap out I have eaten over the years. At least 2L a day.

My last big resolutions is money. To save much much more of it. To start saving it. I plan to become debt free sooner rather than later. Also cut down expenditures. There is not a need for so much of my money to go out. My wife should not ever have to pay for anything. I do not need satellite radio in the truck. And I am sure there are other services that will get the ax as well. We need to set down and make a budget.

This is going to be a big year and I am looking forward to it.



52 Week Money Challenge


Want to save for a trip or a future special gadget, then try the 52 week money challenge. Pretty straight forward. Week one you put $1.00 in the pot, then week two you put $2.00 in the pot. Giving you a total of three dollars and so on and so on. I am doing to do it, just to have a little spending money at the end of the period or something to throw in a savings/CD or whatever.

In my head you get a couple things out of this exercise. First of all at the end of it you will have $1,378.00 and also I can see where this will give you a little dunk in saving money. It is not an instant gratification kind of thing. I myself am always trying to save a little more.

I will periodically give an update of my progress and hopefully a reminder to keep myself and everyone going.



Snowball Debt Reduction Calculator Spreadsheet





Use our free Debt Reduction Calculator to help you eliminate your credit cardautostudent loan, and other debts. Easily create a debt reduction schedule based on the popular debt snowball strategy, or experiment with your own custom strategy.

In the first worksheet, you enter your creditor information and your total monthly payment. You’ll then see a summary of when each of the debts will be paid off based on the strategy you choose.

The second worksheet is a payment schedule for you to print to keep track of your progress. You can also see how the snowball increases as you pay off your debts.

The download includes 2 Excel files: The debt-reduction-calculator_10.xls file lets you list up to10 creditors. The debt-reduction-calculator_20.xls file lets you list up to 20 creditors. The .ods file included with the download is for OpenOffice.org users.


3/17/09 Update (version 1.2) – Now includes a Snowball Growth Chart so you can see how the snowball increases and your interest due decreases over time (only in the Excel versions).

Click to download –>> debt-reduction-calculator


7 rules for growing slow (but sustainable) wealth

I am reposting this from getrichslowly.org

This guest post is by Pejman Ghadimi. Pejman is the founder of SecretEntourage.com, an author, an entrepreneur and a leadership consultant.

Many will argue that fortunes can be made overnight; while that may hold very true in some cases, the majority of those who have made it will tell you it did indeed take a great deal of time coupled with some correct financial choices. For me, wealth did not come solely from entrepreneurship or financial risk, but rather it came as a result of diversifying my investments all while growing my equity leverage and identifying the right opportunities early on.

I made my first million before the age of 27. It took me close to 14 years of hard work and trial and error to get there. But I did get there nonetheless, and I can tell you that it was quite a learning experience. I not only learned a lot about my capacity and tolerance for risk, but also quite a bit about financial systems and loopholes that exist. I want to share with you today seven rules that you can follow to making sure you also get on the right path to slow, but sustainable, wealth.

Rule 1: Think net instead of gross. Many get consumed with the continuous desire to grow their gross income but often forget to leverage their net income. Increasing your net income by lowering your taxes is no different than raising your gross income. Make sure to reassess your net situation often by leveraging your write-offs early on.

Rule 2: Embrace economic pressure. There will be many times in the next 10 years where you will identify an opportunity to invest or be part of something that requires you to be uncomfortable in your financial position for a set period of time. Just keep in mind that risk equals reward, and without any type of financial risk, you are doomed to stay a prisoner of the lower interest rates set by banks. Continue reading