Photography – B&W Series

I did not want to drag this out to much cause I want to get around to making and posting new stuff. These three photos are again, for the Elvis fans. These are of the stone wall and the graffiti on it surrounding Graceland in Memphis, TN. These are not as big because I am sure where the orginal scans are, on a disc or hard-drive somewhere in the apartment I hope.





Photography – B&W Series


Another one of my electric guitar amp. It was a really nice object to shoot, least I thought. The tweed was classic looking of a 70’s amp but had this cool metallic threading, the black wrapping on the cabinet was soft looking and non reflective and it was just cool. This photo includes some effects pedals, stands and more cabling.



I did not realize how much I miss shooting until I started again. My wife and I bought a Nikon D5100 a couple weeks ago and slowly I have started having it in my hands much more, and it feels good. My first DSLR and I love it. Originally this was purchased to record video when she preaches while in seminary. Being around it though I would snap a few photos, then a few more and so on. I still have lots of cobwebs over my rustyness though. Also the last real camera I had was when film was still widely being shot. It was a Canon AE-1 Program, which at the time I was using it was well older than I was. This new DSLR is crazy nice. Like I said I do not have tons of camera time in yet and am still getting the feeling back but I am going to include some scanned b&w’s I shot years ago that I have really liked to look at over the years. Maybe I will post a couple a every few days. Maybe some color photos too, hopefully this will really get me inspired to keep shooting.


This was a black and white Kodak film, I am pretty sure it was probably Tri-X. It is of my guitar amp from back in the day. This photo is several years old so that is about the most detail I can give. Maybe an 85mm prime lense. This is well before my exposure to Photoshop, that is all nature.


The 2013 to 2014 Transition

2013 was a big year. 2014 I hope to be even bigger. Starting with those all important ‘New Years Resolutions.’ With out them where would the human race be, right? Well this year I have a few common ones on my list but I really do hope to stick to them at all costs.

  1. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f&@king sledge hammer
  2. Blog on here and other places much more, I would like to say 30 posts a month, 10 of which to be 100% original
  3. Keep up with my new feeds much better
  4. Photograph my marriage more, with a really camera not instagram, just like moblog, one day instagram will be gone
  5. Save money
  6. Camp 8 to 12 times
  7. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f$!king sledge hammer
  8. Go to some concerts
  9. Be more active in my personal life
  10. Hit the gym, but hit the gym with a f*^king sledge hammer, yes I mentioned this earlier
  11. And finally work on the things I mentioned in the 2014 – A New Year’s Resolutions

Be safe, have fun it is 2014!!!