The History Of Tech-The Idea Factory

5137957_origWell ok this is not about the entire history of every technology. That would be crazy hard and subjective. What I would like to share is a book I recently read. It is called The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation. It is about the coming to together of the great minds that were the Bell Labs in the very beginning. Coming across and inventing things like the vacuum tubes and semi-conductors. All the minds that were there, where they came from and how they got there.

In this first full portrait of the legendary Bell Labs, journalist Jon Gertner takes readers behind one of the greatest collaborations between business and science in history. Officially the research and development wing of AT&T, Bell Labs made seminal breakthroughs from the 1920s to the 1980s in everything from lasers to cellular elephony, becoming arguably the best laboratory for new ideas in the world. Gertner’s riveting narrative traces the intersections between science, business, and society that allowed a cadre of eccentric geniuses to lay the foundations of the information age, offering lessons in management and innovation that are as vital today as they were a generation ago.

I would highly recommend picking this book up for a read. Especially if you have a background or mind for technology or electronics.


A mini microphone preamplifier


Via: dangerousprototypes.com

Boris Landoni from Open Electronics has written an article about the design of amicrophone preamplifier:

This Mini Microphone Preamplifier could be used as the first stage to amplify any audio signal. The device is equipped with a microphone plus clips to be connected to a 9V battery. Amplification is achieved by using an operational LM741 amplifier. The volume level could be adjusted via a trimmer.