I hope to start updating again with more orginal content. I have been mostly sharing articles from my RSS feed that i really like. Now that I have my usable mobile blogging platform back and going I plan to get on it. I do not have plans for a specific topic, it will mostly just be awesome stuff. Of course still sharing awesome articles I come across as well.

I have several physical projects going that I would like to share as well. Between here and k4eqm.com. Some electronics stuff and some stuff that is specifically ham radio related.

Anyways I do not have a particularly profound update for you today, just this.

Happy Thanksgiving!


My Station is Down…

That’s right the mighty Yaesu FT-950 is down. Thank god for warranties right! You know I’d like to give you some interesting and juicy details. Something like, it went out in a blaze of glory, but I just have not a clue what happened. I was transmitting and then I wasn’t. Pretty straight forward.

I’m packing it up and shipping it to Yaesu tomorrow. On my own dime I might add. O well. I’ll keep everyone a breast of the situation and I’ll still post projects and what boy as well.

I joined a Hackerspace. Pretty excited, more to talk about there.


***updated from Nexus 7***

Everyone, “will me” me a warm day. I need to work on my mobile.