Going to General Assembly 2013…


Every two years the my church denomination, Christian Church Disciples of Christ has a meeting commonly referred to as the General Assembly. Well I guess not commonly, that is just what it is called. It is I think an international meeting. So needless to say it is a large gathering. There are church services, training classes for ministers or church leaders, keynotes, decisions are made that impact the denomination as a whole and much more. There really is a lot to this thing. Truthfully more than I, myself really grasp. It is a tradition for many people, like my wife and her family that go every time, but then there may be some that come for the first time or like my self the second time.

I am a member of the denomination of Disciples of Christ but growing I basically never heard of this thing more-or-less attended. My first trip to this General Assembly was two years ago with my, now, wife and her family. It was held in downtown Nashville and was a blast. I took part in many of the things I listed above. As well as being an official usher for the church services and business sessions. That was interesting. I have done it once and I am good now. Hah.

Until about a week ago I thought I was unable to attend, as I recently started a new job. I guess those a higher power might have been at work because I was inquiring about some time I had request off to visit my parents and I asked about the week I needed for general assembly. Turns out the stars, moons, planets, and cards aligned and I am going.

I will try to post more along. But lets just say for now Florida or Bust!