What a week this has been…

We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm.

~George Orwell

What a week this has been. It’s the 3rd week of April 2013 just for reference. I started a new job and there was a terror attack on the city Boston Massachusetts, and surrounding parts of Massachusetts.

I started working for a particular armored carrier. I’m really not supposed to mention names per policy and it’s really for safety. So that will have to hold you. Anyways, I started Monday. It was the first day of classroom training which was a lot of paperwork, a few Power Point presentations and some really old training videos that predate me. That was over by Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday I did my first ride-a-long. All over Indiana we drove and it was interesting and I enjoyed it quite a bit. Thursday, Friday and today(Saturday) I did not enjoy so much. These 3 days were basically filler before I start full on driver training next week. So the past few days have been nothing but boxing up some of our product. Which I guess ultimately is not to bad, the bad part is all the constant standing on concrete. I am a little sore. But this stuff has been heavy so it’s been a good workout.

As you know America was attacked. In Boston, Massachusetts Monday the Boston marathon was held. Well that day, like many others unfortunately, will be remembered for quite sometime. You probably know but there was an act of terrorism against that City, State, and this great Nation. 2 individuals allegedly built and implemented some IED’s. Improvised explosive devices. Killing 3 and wounding 120+ people at the marathon. Then later in the week gunning down a MIT police officer in his car. Later on in a high speed chase one terrorist was killed and the other injured. The last remaining terrorist would try to hide in a boat in a small MA town, but would be detained. Alive and interrogatable.

I would just like to say this. The bravery, determination and sacrifice by the men and women of this country’s f/leo’s, first responders and sheep dogs is amazing and awe inspiring. These evil things remind me to appreciate the time I have. And remind me to further my efforts to overcome things like this, to be like that those brave people. CPR, First Aid, Shooting, Self Defense, and general preparedness. I firmly believe I can say I am a Sheepdog and so swear to protect those whom are not from all enemies and those who would do them harm.