Antenna Tuner

As stated previously; I’m new to the hobby of Ham Radio. I am a Tech right now, soon to be a General. Right now I’m slowly amassing gear to put together a shack/station that can operate HF freqs. I have bought a second hand ICOM IC-746 Pro with match ICOM power supply. Well I want to take care of my investment so I also have bought a in store display antenna tuner. The tuner I bought is the MFJ-945e tuner. It covers 1.8 mHz all the way through 6 meters, up to 200 or 300 watts. Which is prefect and plenty for me. MFJ I guess has it listed as a “mobile” tuner but they do mention, as do other users, it’s perfectly at home in the shack. I’m pretty excited! This coming weekend is the NC QSO Party and I’m really hoping I’ll have my station up and operating for it. As still being a Tech I’ve only got a portion of the 10meter band to work with but I’m still going to try. Should  I not be up and running I’ll be at the Battleship North Carolina(which if you take part is 50 point station) station operating, NI4BK.


My First HF Radio…***Updated Above***

So I’m on the hunt for my first HF rig. Next month I’ll be passing my General license exam. Which in a nut shell will give me HF band privileges. The exact band plan for General class folks can be found online so I won’t list it, plus I don’t fully know them. But that’s ok for now. To get back on topic, yes, I am looking for my first HF radio. I’m preferring to buy something late model. Very late model. I looking for something at least 100watts cause I do want to get my DX on, I’m looking a reliable brand, and I would like to have something I can upgrade at a later date with filters. Price is kind of a option; I’d really like to say under 800 to 900 dollars, or less of course.
I really really like Yaesu radios! My first, a HT, was a Yaesu and I just feel comfortable with the make. There is just something about the Yaesu’s, they look the way a supreme rig should look, out of the box they have some extra nice features, and my Yaesu options work with an antenna rotater.

Yaesu FT-950

So what have I got you ask; well what I like are the Yaesu FT-950 also the FT-450(closer in budget) and the ICOM IC-718. Both, all 3, meet really what I want and are pretty close to budget. Now here’s honestly what I want, I want the FT-950, really really bad, it’s a beast of a beginner rig. Maybe even more than I need but let me tell you when I get into a hobby, I get INTO the hobby. So very soon I’ll be able to use every bit of that radio. But unfortunately it’s to much money, average retail for the 950 is $1400, the ICOM is at $700 USD I think. I do have the Yaesu FT-450 I could buy, but buying that to me feels like I’m buying a mini radio and I just can’t break the from my mind. So anyways I’m still deciding, I will be buying it this month, hopefully before the NC QSO Party. I’ll let you all know.