My Sunday afternoon build – Brick Rocket Stove For $6.08

Truthfully mine did not break down into being $6.08. It was still under 10 bucks though. Caught somethings on sale at Home Depot. I bought extras(just incase) and I made more layers than the video below. It worked very well though, it was a smore making machine. I picked up a bundle of wood instead of savaging the forest floor. I just split it into strips with my Glock Field knife.

wpid-20131103_163043.jpg wpid-20131103_163046.jpg wpid-20131103_191647.jpg wpid-20131103_185327.jpg
wpid-20131103_185535.jpg wpid-20131103_185919.jpg wpid-20131103_191643.jpg

How to make a brick rocket stove for $6.08

So I came across these two pretty neat YouTube videos this evening pertaining to home built Diy rocket stove. On the cheap too, like $10< USD.

Before this I have seen several variations on a rocket stove. I have seen them built out of unlined 5 gallon metal paint buckets, metal coffee and soup cans and small metal unlined barrels. I stress saying unlined metal because some manufacturers will line metal cans, buckets and barrels with a paint coating. Burning that coating will shorten your life.

This is the first brick one I have seen and frankly I am excited about this. This looks so easy, of course inexpensive, and it is not a permanent fixture. Living in an apartment, this is an important to me. Now typically these I are more used as backup and emergency cooking features, but what I am envisioning is smores on the patio.

I foresee this as a post church Sunday project tomorrow. I will have to stop by Lowe’s for bricks, further more sometimes they even have bundles of wood there. Then smores tomorrow night.

I have linked the first initial video and then a video the author made after he made changes and improvements to the grill.

How to make a brick rocket stove for $6.08

How to improve on the basic brick rocket stove